Memorial & Honorary Gifts

The Fresno Art Museum gratefully acknowledges the following memorial and honorary gifts, received during the 2021/2022 fiscal year:

In Honor of Michele Ellis Pracy

Kaye Bonner Cummings

In Memory of Mia Amendolagine

Robert and Becky Chambers

In Memory of Jane M. Cleave 

Michael James Chappell and Keith D. McCullar

Marcia Cohen

Jackie Doumanian

Philip C. Fullerton

Christy V. Hicks

Bernard and Marion Karian

David Yamaguchi, D.D.S.

In Memory of Mary Arlee Delk

Rodney and Marcella De Luca

Nancy A. Jones

In Memory of Sylvia L. Foraker

Robert and Tay Cherry

In Memory of Don Gray

Gus and Greti Bonner

Don and Ruth Bricker

Christy V. Hicks

In Memory of Etsuko Ruth Katsura

Drs. Kelli Beingesser and Gail Newel

In Memory of Richard Lowell

Gordon and Trudy Pace

In Memory of John Mengshol

Christy V. Hicks

In Memory of Bette Peralta

Craig Hamilton Arnold

Maya and Morgan Farris

In Memory of Jerrie Peters

Tony and Lylia Carr

Robert and Tay Cherry

Joan Niboli Gray

Christy V. Hicks

Sharon King

Steven M. Kolnes

Suzanne and Bill Parker

In Memory of Marie Polzin

Kathryn L. Funk

Diane Hanson-Barnes

John L. Lewis

Howard K. Watkins

In Memory of Elaine Brody Silverman

Honey Amado

James Berliner

Renée and Michael Dernburg

Deborah Duncan

Nancy Kobata

Christina Meeker

Cavin and Ilene Morgan

Linda Peterson

John Siciliano

If you would like to talk with us about a possible gift in honor or in memory of a friend, relative, or colleague, please contact our Executive Director Michele Ellis Pracy at 559.441.4221 x103 or by email at