Memorial & Honorary Gifts

The Fresno Art Museum gratefully acknowledges the following memorial and honorary gifts, received during the 2018/2019 fiscal year:

In Memory of Burr Frye 

Jean R. McAbee

In Memory of Meredith Kemp

Christy V. Hicks

In Memory of Peggy Lang

Ute Lowell

In Memory of Oran McNeil

John and Nancy Mengshol

In Memory of Karen E. Morais

Baker Peterson Franklin, CPA, LLP

Hagop Bedoyan and Jennifer Speck

David H. Bockelman

Kaye Bonner Cummings

Dennis Cyphers

Anne and Donald Franson

Alcidia Gomes

Brett Hedrick

Christy V. Hicks

Nevin Hindiyeh Craig and Brigeen Houghton

Jeff Jaech

John and Nancy Mengshol

Ron and Deborah Monis

Pete and Caroline Simis

Christopher Staub

Marianne and John Trotter

Adrian Wirstiuk

In Memory of Glenna Pickford

Tout Tou Bounthapanya

Kaye Bonner Cummings

Mary A. Delk

Christy V. Hicks

In Honor of Tasha Mendoza and Katy Deibert

Christy V. Hicks

In Honor of Kay Sekimachi

Barbara Van Arnam

In Honor of Kay Sekimachi and Forrest L. Merrill

Daniel R. Malecki

If you would like to talk with us about a possible gift in honor or in memory of a friend, relative, or colleague, please contact our Executive Director Michele Ellis Pracy at 559.441.4221 x103 or by email at