Teacher Resources

Education of the community, especially children, is extremely important to the Museum and its mission. ArtLink tours for school children are offered year round; ArtSmart programs, developed by the Museum, for in-school and after-school programs and professional development are available; Art Academy sessions for 7 to 15 year olds are held during school breaks; ArtExtensions, programs for teens and young adults, began last year; other educational programs are in development. The Museum proudly partners with FCOE, FCPL, Fresno EOC, Girl Scouts, and others to develop art educational programs to benefit San Joaquin Valley residents.

Teacher/School Resources

The role of an art museum in a community is a very important tool that can be utilized by teachers and schools to enhance their curriculum and introduce children to art and culture in a fun, memorable, and unintimidating way. There are several options which teachers have to add the visual arts to their curriculum:

  • After-School and In-School Art Programs taught by our teaching artists.
  • ArtLink Field Trips:  Interactive gallery tours followed by an art workshop in our classroom with our teaching artists and/or museum trained docents.
  • Partnering with Fresno County Office of Education, the Museum provides opportunities for students to show their artwork in our ChildSpace gallery and visit the Museum with their families for free.
  • Home School parents can take advantage of our Arts & Science Academy classes during the summer and winter breaks, bring a group of homeschool children to the Museum for an ArtLink tour, or organize a regular weekly class for a a group of homeschool children at the Museum.
  • ArtSmart Professional Development training is available for elementary teachers who want to integrate art into their regular curriculum.

The Fresno Art Museum is currently participating in an Artist-in-Residence grant through the Fresno County Office of Education whereby the Museum sends three teaching artists into two Fresno County Schools twice a week to work with students on the creation of murals. The Museum is available to design other similar programs for your school or organization. Please contact Susan Yost Filgate at 559-441-4221 x101 to discuss possible program ideas.