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Trashique is the Fresno Art Museum’s signature fundraiser where local artists turn trash into artful garments and present them on a runway fashion show worthy of New York Fashion Week! Produced by FAM staff with the essential involvement of community-based artists and a coterie of volunteers. This event is an act of love for our City and is a full year in the making prior to each event. The event debuted in 2010 and was produced again in 2012, 2013, 2015,2018, 2020 (but postponed due to pandemic), and 2022. Wearable art at its finest and most creative is produced by mainly local artists creating garments that interpret the artwork of a selection of famous artists by fashioning wearable art inspired by each of their distinctive artistic styles.

Special thanks go to our super volunteers: stylist Erik Gomez who creates amazing hair for our models, Debra Erven who is in charge of makeup, choreographer David Bonetto who brings the event to life, and Roseanne Roseanne Guaglianone who was behind the original idea, all of whom who have helped to make Trashique® possible each year. 




November 5, 2022

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 Click on the image for the video of REGALIA: Trashique® 2022
created by CMAC.

Trashique 2020 was canceled due to the Pandemic.



Here are some of the photos and a video to give you a partial recap of the 2018 event!

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04table_setting.jpg 05Backstage.jpg 06Duchamp.jpg
07finalle.jpg 09Michaelangelo.jpg 10Eames.jpg
08Rivera.jpg 11Photographer.jpg 12Lalique.jpg
13Lalique2.jpg 14Eames2.jpg 15Rivera2.jpg







Learn about some of our past Trashique® events by watching the videos...


Trashique® 2016

Behind the Scenes from Trashique 2013


Erté Scene from Trashique® 2013