Talking to your kids about art

Some of FAM's exhibitions can help open a dialogue within a family to help a young child or teen better understand a concept, an art movement, or a social issue. On this page, we are offering links and information that may assist you in talking to your kids about art or give you information to make your next museum visit more enjoyable.

Museum Etiquette

Exploring the Art


Click the image above for a printable guide to help you make the most out of your Museum visit with young children. Please inquire at the front desk. You can use your own pipe cleaners and try it from home while looking at artwork in a book, on your wall, or online.

HIV/AIDS - Sections of The AIDS Memorial Quilt and The NAMES Project have been displayed at the Museum on several occasions. While the links below are not about art, we left them up as they do have value.

If you are a teacher, please get authorization from your administration before talking to your students about any issues which may be controversial.