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If you support 
Arts and Culture for All
join Michele Ellis Pracy, Mas Masmoto,
and other local cultural arts leaders
at this informational meeting on 

the initiative for the 
November 2018 ballot to fund parks 
along with arts and culture 
in the City of Fresno!

Wednesday, May 9 
from 5:30 to 7:00 pm 
at the Fresno Art Museum

Arts and cultural organizations, artists, art supporters, students, educators, community folks from ALL of Fresno!
 Hear an update on the Campaign and learn the basics on the measure for the November 2018 election: 
  • This is a special measure for the City of Fresno 
  • It will potentially raise $4.5 million PER YEAR for 30 years for arts and culture 

Learn how you can help: 

  • By gathering signatures to quality for the November ballot -
  • By spreading the word on how vital arts and culture are for Fresno

 We want to continue to grow the arts and culture community of Fresno (and the surrounding communities) and build an inclusive movement for all. We hope to build a vital and vibrant Fresno Arts and Culture NETWORK! 

How will the funds be spent? 
The COMMUNITY will determine that through a process of creating a "Cultural Arts Master Plan" for the City of Fresno when this measure is passed.

In the meantime, let's dream of some possibilities... 

Imagine festivals every month branding a new Fresno full of arts and culture and life. 
Imagine collaborations between musicians and visual artists along with florists and culinary artists making Fresno a unique cultural destination. 
Imagine museums and historical groups partnering with folk and traditional arts, working with filmmakers to capture our valley from our own POV. 
Imagine poets and writers with photographers, architects, and stylists in a unique exhibition of the everyday art of life. 
Imagine a new creative economy for Fresno with students and art educators pioneering new innovation and design thinking--to see creativity before dollar signs.

Click here to download a flyer to print and share
If you can't make it to the meeting, 
drop by the Museum Thursday to Sunday, 11 am to 5 pm 
to sign the petition.