January 24 to April 28, 2013
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This exhibition featured the work of six young contemporary, up-and-coming artists, all with Fresno connections. The artists featured included Leslie Batty, Caleb Durate, Laura Goldstone, Terrance Reimer, Nigel Robertson, and Julia Woli Scott.

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Breakthrough was made possible by generous support from the Bonner Family FoundationGreg and Deborah Lapp, and Craig A. Houghton and family, in memory of Karen Kister.

Images pictured, left to right, top to bottom:  Piazza Donatello Park by Nigel Robertson, Hush by Laura Goldstone, Daulton Road - Madera County, CA from The Third California by Terrance Reimer, Casting Fairytales (after Velázquez) by Leslie Batty, Cotton III by Julia Woli Scott, Elambo 3 con linea negra by Caleb Duarte.


This exhibition included works from our permanent collection and borrowed works of artists from Central California. The women represented in this exhibition were:

Eva Abou-Ghorra, Tracey Adams, Carol Chapman, Kaye Bonner Cummings, Corda Eby, Marge Erbes, Nancy Genn, Minnie Hancock, Patti Handley, Caroline Harris, Carole James-Wenzel, Joy Johnson, Amy Kasai, Mari Kloeppel, Jean Ray Laury, Jeanette Lewis, Elaine Lynn, B.J. McCoon, Kathryn Metz, Ella Odorfer, Maxine Olson, Isobel Sanford, Suzanne Sloan-Lewis, Sally Stallings, Barbara Van Arnam, Polly Victor, and Marguerite Zorach.

Pictured above: The Porch, California (1920) by Marguerite Zorach and Tulip by Mari Kloeppel



Ends of Utopia was based on Dr. El Kharbawy's rummage through Tahrir Square, the iconic site of the Egyptian Revolution. The photographs that make up this collection tell the story of the Egyptian people's epic fight for freedom, justice, and dignity.

The Fresno Art Museum's 2013 spring exhibition season was made possible by generous support from James and Coke Hallowell, Christy V. Hicks, David and Sloan Johnson, August Madrigal, Ralph and Elaine Lynn, and Baker, Peterson & Franklin, CPA