May 17, 2013 to January 14, 2014
(except where noted otherwise) 



"Through her love of art, Daisy Addicott brings together art and people— 
and in doing so, she has become an artist in her own right."

                                                                      —Rodney Harder

This exhibition included selections from Daisy Addicott's personal collection. Some of the artists included were Rudolpho Abularach, Allen Bertoldi, Nathan Bertoldi, Phil Bowers, Charles Gaines, Michael Garcia, Rodney Harder, Lester Harries, Milano Kazanjian, Jim Keller, Sunhee Kim, Yumi Kinoshita, Cay Lang, Sol LeWitt, Suzanne Sloan Lewis, August Madrigal, Mary Maughelli, Ella Odorfer, Piet Ogata, Raphael X. Reichert, Richard Silva, Scott Shaver, Jim Shepherd, Rick Stich, Robert Stites, Rikio Takashashi, Carol Tikijian, Barbara Van Arnam, and Yasuko Yamakawa. 

Curated by Rodney Harder and Mark Rodriguez.

Images pictured:  Eternal Flame Steel Drag by Allen Bertoldi

Addicott Collection was made possible by generous support from the Fresno Regional Foundation, August Madrigal, Gail Newel and Kelli Beingesser, Olive Street Gallery, Peggy Stefanopoulos, Gary Steinert and Fred Smith, Robert C. Truxell, and David S. Yamaguchi.


Landscapes of Monterey County by contemporary American realist painter David Ligare. This exhibition, entitled River/Mountain/Sea, includes three large scale recent works by the artist.



Emmy Lou Packard (1914-98) was an accomplished muralist and printmaker. She studied art with Diego Rivera in Mexico from 1927 to 1928 when she was barely a teenager. Then in 1940 and 1941 she became his primary assistant in a mural project in San Francisco for the International Golden Gate Exposition. Upon its completion, Emmy Lou returned with Diego to Mexico City, where she was his guest and became a close friend to both Diego and his wife, Frida Kahlo. She lived with the Riveras for about a year. Many of the photographs in this exhibition, taken by Emmy Lou, Frida and Diego, came out of the short period of time that Emmy Lou spent with the Riveras from 1940 to 1942. The exhibition will also include original artwork and prints.

Emmy Lou Packard: Diego, Frida & Me is made possible by generous support from the Bonner Family Foundation. Media partner The Fresno Bee




Sonya Rapoport will be presenting ImPOSSIBLE CONVERSATIONS?, a new interactive project that invites viewers to come and participate in a simple matching experiment under controlled conditions. The results of this experiment will become part of the work exhibited at the Fresno Art Museum in this exhibition.

ImPOSSIBLE CONVERSATIONS? is structured by Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley's "Market Design and Matching Theory", which won the 2012 Nobel Prize in Economics. This theory explores how people, institutions, and companies select each other to create stable matches. The work takes the form of a series of collages; each consists of a black and white photograph of a "pattern painting" that Rapoport created and exhibited in the late 60's, overlaid on a contemporary newspaper advertisement, and juxtaposed with a short text appropriated from the media.

Based in the Bay Area, Sonya Rapoport has exhibited her conceptual and new media artwork internationally. She recently had retrospective exhibitions at the Kala Institute in Berkeley and Mills College Art Museum. She received her MFA from UC Berkeley in 1949.

In-kind support for Sonya Rapoport's ImPOSSIBLE CONVERSATIONS? is provided by Rollf's Gallery & Picture Framing.



This exhibition is a selection of portraits from FAM's permanent collection. Included are portraits in a variety of media by Ansel Adams, Ann Brigman, Salvador Dali, Boris Deutsch,  Doug Edge, David Hogarth, Kathryn Jacobi, Yousif Karsh, Alex Katz, Mac Mechem, Tom Millea, Pablo Picasso, Camille Pissaro, Mel Ramos, Mark Rodriguez, David Tomb, Beth Van Hoesen, Andy Warhol, and Alfredo Zalce.


Classical sculpture featuring Dan Corbin, Diana Moore, and Robert Cremean.



A close-up look at some of the wild and whimsical garments from the April 20, 2013 Trashique fashion extravaganza will be on display. All garments are made from trash, repurposed items, and non-traditional materials, created by local artists around particular artist themes, including Salvador Dali, Gustav Klimt, Erte, Judy Chicago, and others.