May 31, 2012 to September 2, 2012

Renzi:  Art, Life, Legacy


An exhibition of the work of the late sculptor, Clement Renzi.

The prolific Clement Renzi (1925 to 2009) grew up on a farm outside Fresno. Originally destined to be an accountant, he discovered at the age of 26 that his heart was in the Arts. He and his opera singer wife lived in the Bay Area, Vienna, and New York City before returning to Fresno in the 1960’s where he was embraced by the local community and became a favorite artist. His work can be found in public places throughout Fresno. This exhibition, with over a hundred works of art by this master artist, fascinated both children and adults with its sensitive, joyful, sometimes playful, sometimes buoyant way. Renzi's work is a reflection of the wonderful, humble, thoughtful, intelligent person he was throughout his life.

Curated by Mark Rodriguez


Fig Tree Gallery 50th Anniversary Exhibition


This exhibition includes a variety of work from some 30 artists belonging to the oldest collective art gallery in the US. Artists include, Robert Ogata, Evany Zirul, Heather Anderson, Linda Koch, Mary Maughelli (image pictured), Donna McCauley, Varaz Samuelian, and others.

Esmeralda & Nye
Photography by Bruce Haley


Award-winning photographer Bruce Haley shared his stark perspective on the mining industry and boom-and-bust existence of two Nevada counties, Esmeralda & Nye. Amid the images of pure geology, abandoned remnants and vast views of open space lies a profound message and deep insight that bear the unmistakable mark of Haley's work.

Hardy Hanson:   1935 to 2012


A lifelong painter, printmaker and sculptor, Hanson taught in the art department at UC Santa Cruz. Hanson was passionate about the foundational skills of drawing and painting that were central to his output of intricate, multiple-stage color etchings and remained at the heart of his teaching philosophy. 

Ynez Johnston
From the Museum's Permanent Collection


Ynez Johnston was born in Berkeley, CA in 1920 and now lives in Los Angeles. In 1992 she was honored by the Fresno Art Museum as the Distinguished Woman Artist of the Year. Her works are described as intriguing fantasies with jewel-like colors and bold lines created in various media.