Your are invited to contribute to #DowntownVisions OnLine

Be a part of FAM's FIRST CROWD-SOURCED EXHIBITION which began in 2013!

The easiest way to send FAM an image to have it included in the virtual portion of this continuing virtual exhibition is to Tweet it or put it on Instagram with the hashtag #DowntownVisions.

If social media isn't your thing or you have a video that you want to contribute, you can upload the image by clicking SUBMIT.

To view all digital submissions, click here.

Please note: Submissions may take up to 24 to 48 hours to appear. 

What is #DowntownVisions?

#DowntownVisions is FAM's first ever crowd-sourced exhibition where anyone can be the artist. While the physical exhbition in the Museum is over, you can still submit to this online gallery.So share your vision of Downtown Fresno, real or imagined. We encourage you to submit artistic representations of Downtown Fresno, i.e., your favorite landmark, bit of history, people, or simply Downtown’s essence. If your vision does not exist, submit a representation of what your perfect downtown would look like.

Who can participate? Anyone.

What can I submit? Electronic files of paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, mixed media, video, etc.— artwork in all media will be accepted as long as it meets the guidelines as described below. The Fresno Art Museum invites creative, inspiring and cohesive submissions of artwork from seasoned and aspiring artists to be exhibited on this online venue that grew out of the exhibition which opened at the Museum with this digital componenet in the fall of 2013. While the #DowntownVisions museum exhibition is long over, this virtual exhibition lives on.


  • All digital media will be considered: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video, etc.
  • Running time for sound and video submissions is limited to 90 seconds. All video works will be accessible in the gallery and online. (Must submit via YouTube.)
  • Artwork should be age/subject appropriate for all audiences.
  • Certify that all artwork submitted is your own and that you are the sole owner of the rights to the work 
  • Confirm that you have permission to reproduce the likeness of the person(s) depicted in the artwork, if any. 
  • Accept that FAM may use your artwork in the promotion of the museum.

The Museum reserves the right to refuse the display of works for any reason.

Questions? Email us at exhibitions@fresnoartmuseum.org or call 559.441.4221.


#DowntownVisions is generously supported by The James Irvine Foundation.