FAM instructor:  Sanking Saephan

You can select the dates for your class, 5 one hour sessions over a week or once per week for five weeks. Afternoons between 12:30 and 3:30 pm start times available.

This class consists of five sessions that cover the basics of all of the formal elements of art. It is appropriate for beginning art students. The five sessions are as follows:

Lesson One 
Line and Shape 
Explore line and shape by studying the use of line and shape in master artworks and then applying the techniques you learn to your own works of art and sharing your sketches on-line with the instructor for feedback.

Lesson Two 
Form & Value 
Again, students will explore the works of art masters and learn how to add depth to artworks by breaking down the subject matter into simple forms and by using light and shadow. You will have an opportunity to apply what you learn to your own artwork and receive instructor feedback.

Lesson Three
Study how artists like Van Gogh, da Vinci, and Klimt used mark-making and repetition to create texture in their artwork and explore the use of texture in an artwork you create. Receive instructor feedback on your efforts.

Lesson Four
Space & Perspective 
Learn how to create three-dimensional illusions in two-dimensional works by using positive and negative space and perspective. You will have an opportunity to experiment with what you learn and again get instructor feedback.

Lesson Five
Color is probably the most complicated of the formal elements. There are volumes of books written about color and color theory. In this class, you will just learn the basics about color, hue, and value and how colors affect each other can and set a mood for your artwork. You will get to try some color experiments with the art instructor.

Art Supplies needed:

11" x 14" all media sketchbook
several No. 2B pencils (other grade lead pencils optional)
pencil sharpener (just a simple inexpensive one will be fine)
kneaded and art gum eraser
12" or longer ruler/straight edge (Lesson 4)
colored pencils (Lesson 5)


For Lesson No, 1, please have a fork and spoon available as they will be used as subjects for your first drawing.

For Lesson No. 2, please have a mug or cup available that can be used as a subject for your drawing for this lesson.

For Lesson No. 3, texture samples optional (teacher will supply photos).

For Lesson 4, have a mug or cup available that can be used as a subject for your drawing for this lesson. (It can the same one you had for Lesson 2.) Lesson 3 & 5, no props needed.

Pricing:  $25 per student for all five sessions / 10 student minimum

Email for more information or to schedule.